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The Rock Church Brussels is a place were you can connect with Jesus Christ, grow in faith, be equiped to walk with God and get challanged to become a true disciple.

At RCB we believe that his power is still present today to heal, deliver and save. May I extend an invitation to make The Rock Church your church home. Here you’ll discover compassionate people, passionate worship and life-changing messages.

Pastor Jeroen Van Gorp


Connect to Jesus Christ
the local church and
fellow believers.


Grow in your knowledge
of God, His Word and your
relationship with Him.


Get equiped and charged
to become true disciples
of Jesus Christ.


We train and develop
mature servant leaders
who will disciple others.

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Come and visit us to

discover our ministries

Youth / Education / Music / Care


Connect with us
through life-changing
messages preached
and teached at RCB.

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Recent Messages


RCB is a family church where everyone is warmly welcomed.
We are teached about the oneness of God and all the biblical principles without compromises but with balance and soundmind.
It's a place you can experiment the presence of the Lord and see lifes changing.

Christiane Konen

RCB has truly been a lighthouse during a dark time in my life.  Consistently sending His light to warn me of danger and drawing me to His safety.  This is done through the reflection of God’s love by the congregation and the practical preaching of God’s Word.


RCB is a home for me and my family. Since we have being coming to rcb my life has change, there were things I did wrongly, but now I can balance in going to church and my family, I now clearly see and know that it's not about me but about Him who paid the greatest prize JESUS.

Sis. Beauty

J'ai trouvé à RCB une maison et une famille, je m'y sens tout simplement bien!


I found in RCB a home and a family, I just feel good in this place !

Miliana Almazor

Le rocher" est bien plus qu'une simple église, c'est ma famille en Christ.

Anemone Kabuto

La première  fois que je suis allé à  l'Église le Rocher, j'avais 9 ans. Je n'étais encore qu'un enfant. C'est dans cette église que j'ai rencontré Jésus.  Depuis lors, ma vie repose sur une fondation solide et en lui, mes lendemains sont assurés.

Arthur Niragire Kabuto

I grew up going in a Catholic church and I remember that's was not enough for my mother, going only Sunday morning to church. So she decided to bring us in charismatic groups , prayer cells, visiting news churches. We were spiritually unstable . But when I found the RCB I found what we were looking for... The Truth.

Rina Israel

Le Rocher fait partie de notre vie, il est litéralement notre 2éme maison. qui dis maison, dis famille, et nous sommes une famille, un seul Corps en Christ!
Jésus, le chemin la vérité et la vie, est proclamé, tout est basé sur Lui! Les vies sont transnformées, restaurées, délivrées, mariées!
L'enseignement est primordial, et le fait d'avoir des exemples à suivre aussi. Et Le Pasteur et sa famille en sont un!
Visitez-nous et voyez par vous-mêmes l'impact que notre Eglise aura sur vous! Dieu dirige toute chose!

Félipe Gonzales

Being born and raised in the Church can actually be trickier than one could think : falling into a routine, thinking you've learned it all, convictions becoming traditions... However, at the RCB, I'm challenged and refreshed week after week by the preachings and teachings we receive. Messages that are there not to condemn but to build up and guide. The RCB is also a humble and authentic House of Worship, where everybody can come as he is, to meet Jesus. That's what we need.

Timothy Mudiayi Bukassa



Pastor: Jeroen Van Gorp
Adress: Rue Scheutveld 33 — 1070 Anderlecht / BE
Phone: +32 (0) 494 87 24 43